Terms of Use

The maps and posts on this site are not intended to represent that any road is safe for all riders to use at all times. Evaluations of road conditions reflect the observations of an experienced and cautious cyclist; they may be too conservative for more ambitious riders. Beginners may want to stick to the green roads or seek additional advice. The evaluations are entirely subjective, based on anecdotal information, and cannot anticipate conditions at all times. If you choose to use the information on this site for bike riding, please use common sense and be prepared for adverse conditions. Riding a bike may be dangerous at times; always keep in mind that you could die eating Cheetos in front of your TV.

This site relies on services provided by Google. I am not Google, and other than utilizing Google Services in accordance with Google’s terms, I am not affiliated with Google. Google has it’s own terms of use for it’s services that you accept when using the services. I didn’t make and don’t own the rights to any of the things referred to on this site as Google ______.

All the information on this site including the GPS data is the copyrighted work of the author. You can read it, print it, play with the data in Google Earth, upload it on your GPS, etc. as long as you do so for your personal non-commercial use.


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