Seasons and weather

The lowest elevation in Tuolumne County is approximately 300 feet and the highest is about 13,000 feet. We are blessed to always have somewhere nearby that the riding is good, but we also usually have somewhere nearby where it is challenging.

During cool weather we have the lower foothills with gently rolling terrain or the mid foothills below the snow line. It’s green and lovely; if you can get to it, go for it. In the hot summer, ride early or late in the day, or head for the high country. Like apples in the fall and peaches in the summer, enjoy each when it’s at its best.

We are also blessed with very little wind most of the time. The lower foothills can be breezy, and the high county can be crazy at times, but unless there is a storm it’s usually calm here.

The weather in the high country can turn on a dime any time of the year. Always check the forecast and heed any mention of storms in the shoulder seasons or thunderstorms in the summer.


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