Rim Fire Closure

I’ve uploaded a Google Earth file showing how the Rim Fire and closure order affect the rides I’ve posted for the Stanislaus National Forest. The most recent closure order runs through November 18, 2014, but that date can change. See the Stanislaus Forest website for the most recent and official information.

View the Google Earth file with the fire perimeter and overlays of the closure area map and burn severity map and the Tuolumne Bikes map at the same time to see the loops that are affected. The closure area is huge, but since I haven’t mapped much in the south Stanislaus, there aren’t too many mapped loops in the closure area.

Stanislaus Forest Rim Fire closure area--boundary in yellow

Stanislaus Forest Rim Fire closure area–boundary in yellow

The Westside Rail Trail, Clavey River segment extends into the burn area. The burn severity map shows that parts of the interpretive trail area burned with high intensity. Much of the area on the longer loop is outside the closure area. The Basin Loop and Paved Road to Nowhere include roads along the border of the closure area; the Paved Road to Nowhere can easily avoid the closure by using a dirt road detour. I won’t really know what a road on the border means until I get a chance to go out there. Since there’s plenty else to do, I’m inclined to stay out of the way of the work that’s happening out there. Assuming that it does snow soon, what’s open in that area won’t matter too much until spring.

Loops with Burn Severity Map

Loops with Burn Severity Map

The posts for the affected loops will be revised and this post added as a Stanislaus Forest page.

The good news is that there’s plenty of unburned forest in the Stanislaus, and eventually there will be a remarkable rebirth to witness in the burn area.

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