The Rim Fire

I’ve been assuming the fire situation to be well-publicized and haven’t addressed it. But I am seeing traffic on the site, so here are some pointers for people who are from out of the area.

There are Forest Closure Orders in effect for large parts of the Stanislaus National Forest. See the Stanislaus website for details on the fire and the closure areas. With the smoke plume heading generally to the northeast from the fire, I don’t think there is anywhere in the Stanislaus that you would want to be right now.

The smoke travels downhill overnight and blankets the lower areas of the County. As the day heats up, the smoke plume turns uphill into the Forest. If you really want to exercise outdoors in Tuolumne County, plan for late afternoon in the lower elevations (2,000 feet or less). It’s not healthy air, but it doesn’t look and smell like smoke.

When the fire is fully contained, I’ll add the final perimeter to the Google Earth map for reference. A good time to visit the coast–please come visit when we are once again presentable.

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2 Responses to The Rim Fire

  1. Bruce McIntosh says:

    Thank you for your service! (I’m back on the bike a little and was hoping to try your new ride at Herring Creek but it’s gonna have to wait).

    • Thanks Bruce. Good to hear you’ve been getting out. I’m thinking maybe it’s cool enough to ride down in Knight’s Ferry. Check out the Bald Mountain Webcam for the last week–nasty!

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