longhorn village less sugar bike

The blog comes with a fairly comprehensive report of statistics. Things are good and the traffic is steadily increasing. But let’s face it, if I was expecting to set records for web traffic, it would be time to throw in the towel. My best month is nowhere near a worst day for many blogs, but many blogs are not about riding bicycles out in the boonies.

I committed myself to getting this site up and running with a good representation of the most popular rides in the area before making any judgements. I’m still not there. Still, last month had almost as much traffic as the whole first year (2012). There is a growing awareness of the site, but much of the growth in traffic has to do with having more content for Google to make matches to.

Some interesting tidbits:

  • About 1/3 of the hits on specific pages (not the homepage with the posts strung together) are for the Sugar Pine Rail Trail-Twain Harte to Lyons Dam. The rest of the Sugar Pine branch from Lyons to Strawberry is coming soon.
  • People search for some odd stuff, hence the title of this post. Hope they found what they were looking for. I get some interesting searches with “glory hole” in them.
  • Since I started adding links with a map image showing a profile, people are using the Google Earth maps. About 1/4 of the click on links on the site are for the maps. I haven’t set up stats for my Google Sites page, so I don’t know how much the maps are used without the blog.
  • The “mixed” category is more popular than “paved” and “unpaved”. This is somewhat self-fulfilling since there are more posts for mixed loops, but there is strong interest in the longer “all roads” or “gravel grinder” rides. Got many of those yet to post and even more yet to ride.
  • “Casual and kids” is third behind “mid-elevation” and “mixed”.
  • Hardly anybody leaves comments. Ultimately I want this site to be a trustworthy resource for the public. Anything I have written up or mapped is something that I have ridden, but I have my biases. I am far more exceptional for having the will to put this all together than for my skill as cyclist or my expertise on the area. If you know more about a ride or area that you can share, or if you really enjoyed or had problems on a ride, please leave a comment so the next poor slob can benefit from your experience. Thanks!


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2 Responses to longhorn village less sugar bike

  1. Bruce McIntosh says:

    This is a great blog! I’ve been off the bike for some time but plan to get back to it-I drove your Cooperstown loop on the way back from an errand in Modesto, plan to do that, and the Clavey area out of Long Barn. Also VERY intrigued by the ride to the power station on the Stanislaus River, but I’m not in that kind of shape yet. Keep up the good work.

  2. Bruce McIntosh says:

    By the way, when I do ride, I it’s been the Lyons rail trail, but I usually add the climb out and down the road to the car (by way of the Sugar Shack for a snack and coffee), or continuing to the far end of the lake and crossing the river when it’s low enough, then back to the dam on the other side of the lake.

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