Sunset approaching on North Fork overlook trail, American Camp

Sunset approaching on North Fork overlook trail, American Camp

Some updates to note:

  • Revision of Tuolumne Westside Rail Trail post.
  • Revision of American Camp Fire Lookout post.
  • Addition of labels to loops on Tuolumne Bikes Google Earth map–makes it easier to navigate the blog using the map.
  • Updates to the Using Google Earth page to reflect changes in the Tuolumne Bikes maps.
  • Added links for The Logging Road Cyclist and Steve Litt’s Guide to Transportational Cycling. I like what these sites represent for the world of cycling. Virtually everything on the web comes with an ad, membership, or worst of all, content that is advertising. These sites are cyclists sharing their vision for free, the way the web used to be. They each have a pretty unique point of view.

TLRC is a kindred spirit as far as taking the bike out to nowhere. A fun site.

Steve Litt’s site is a throwback in web design to the Strawberry Pop Tart Blowtorches era. I don’t quite buy his theory on chain wear, but I like his graphics and attitude. Bikes (and riders) don’t always need to be so precious or fashionable. Pretty much the MS-DOS of bikes in the iPhone era. I especially like the story about his daughter and the rusty chain.

The truth is, what passes for cycling these days is more diverse than ever, and the web has had a lot to do with that. I appreciate all of it and even the ad-blogs come in handy when I want to find out about a tire or some other bike gizmo.

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