The lion’s share of the work on this project so far has been figuring out the technology and how to make it simple for the user. As it has evolved I’ve reworked the pages and post format to try to improve the maps and also to make the posts clearer on how to use the maps. There’s plenty more reworking to come, but once the format is worked out the posts will begin to flow. I have plenty of material.

One stumbling block has been how to update the maps from the old posts as more roads are mapped for the new posts. I figured it out, and it’s not hard, but it will require some more reworking of the site and the maps. It’ll be simpler and more intuitive because there won’t need to be a “big map” anymore–every map will be the big map with the current loop highlighted. I also should acknowledge that the layers of colors for the roads (red on black for instance) may not be something that Google Earth is really set up for. It works with an occasional glitch, but I don’t know for sure that it always will or how things will hold up as the size of the map grows. That’s another research project for me.

I have changed the blog settings to allow the search engines to index the site, so I’ll be working to get the bugs worked out before the real world starts to see it.

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